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Dutch Comic Con

Updated: May 19, 2020

At the weekend, we visited Utrecht to go to Dutch Comic Con. Anyone who knows me, won't be surprised to find out that I am a geek. Our trip to Amsterdam was to coincide with a weekend at Comic Con.

I have cosplayed before but this time I decided not to this time, as we were travelling with hand luggage only.

There wasn't anyone lined up that I specifically wanted to see but it meant that we had the freedom to explore the Con. I wanted the experience of attending a really large International Comic Con.

It certainly didn't disappoint, there was a huge amount to look at and it was easy to get lost in all of the excitement.

When we first arrived, were enticed into a display. It was quite mysterious and there was nothing to tell us what it was. We entered into it and found that it was a display of all the fairy tales, mainly from Disney.

We had the Madhatters tea party, the the Beast from Beauty and the Beast to Sleeping Beauty. It was many of the surprises we encountered this weekend.

I met many amazing cosplay's from Groot to one Princess and two dinosaurs as her companions. There were no limits on the amount of cosplay's and the Dutch went all out in their costumes. It was awe-inspiring and I was only slightly jealous of the amazing talent out there

The main disappointment of the weekend was that all of the talks were in Dutch and as we couldn't speak the language we missed out on some of Con. There was one particular Star Wars panel that I was interested and I couldn't understand or follow the panel.

Overall the weekend was enjoyable and next time I will cosplay, possibly in the UK or US where I could attend the talks.

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