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Life Update #3

It has been almost a year since I updated this blog. It has been difficult this year talking about travel and metal when we were advised not to travel, unable to go to gigs or go to a metal bar. It's been hard for me to keep the conversation going and I lost my way with it.

Back in February this year I started my English Literature degree. Since then, it seems like my life has been working my full-time job and studying and nothing else. Despite this, I have really loved my studies and it has been quite challenging. It has taken me to so many great places in my own personal development. There has been laughter, sweat and tears (in that order too!)

I finished and passed my module in September and then started my second module in October. I completed my module and started my module with a month off. I did this to finish in May and therefore to give myself enough time to enjoy the summer (COVID restrictions allowing) by travelling and attending some festivals in 2022.

In between studying and working, I still managed to do some travelling. In July, to celebrate my 40th birthday we travelled to the Isle of Bute, then in August, we went to the Bloodstock Open Air festival. We have had various day trips to the Kelpies, The Falkirk Wheel and a few days in Killin, in Perthshire. One of my highlights was seeing Bullet for My Valentine.

At the beginning of the year, my mental health was slowly declining. In the middle of my first module, I have been suffering from depression and anxiety. I am currently taking therapy and I will talk more about that in a separate blog when I am ready to talk about it.

I am still going to continue with this blog. The posts may become sporadic and not so regular at times. I will still talk about metal travel (gigs, festivals, bars etc). I will still talk about travel in general. But most importantly I will still talk about mental health.

Thank you for staying with me as I continue on this adventure of life.

Love Maryellen

The Metal Adventurer

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Prakash Chandani
Prakash Chandani
Nov 28, 2023
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