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Marvel, Waxworks and a Boat Tour.

Updated: May 17, 2020

Madame Tussands

Our second day was very busy, the first stop was to Madame Tussands. I had heard there was a Marvel section that had just arrived in Amsterdam. This sparked off my Geek Radar and it was the first place we visited.

The Hulk! He didn't look so pleased to see me!!

It didn’t disappoint and I got to meet The Hulk – my favourite Avenger. It was the last section of the museum but we were treated to some amazing waxworks of the Dutch Royal Family – I even got to be the Metal Queen for the day!

The Marvel section was the last but the best part of Madame Tussands - and I found out that it has just arrived two weeks before our arrival!

Photo by Phil Edwards
Metal Queen for the day! Photo by Phil Edwards


Iron Man

Thor - God of Thunder

Captain America


The biggest surprise was the Recording studio – I got to sing! I had a selection of Adele songs and blasted through Rolling in the Deep – I chose this one as Linkin Park did an amazing cover of this song (RIP Chester).

There were quite a range of historical figures including Anne Frank, Princess Diana, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Obama and Einstein.

Anne Frank

Princess Diana

Barack Obama

The Dalai Lama, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

Boat Tour

The afternoon consisted of a boat tour, which took us around the canals and we got to see a different side of Amsterdam from the water.

The boat trip included all that you could drink so Mulled Wine was the order of the day and went down a treat as it was quite cold.

We learnt more about how Amsterdam was built.

Amsterdam was previously a swamp around the River Amstel where residents built their houses on wooden poles. Some buildings appear to be leaning, this is due to the wood rotting underneath. It can be quite expensive to replace the wooden poles so most buildings remain leaning.

We went through the west of Amsterdam, where the Waldorf Astoria was situated. This is a wealthy area and how wealthy you were was determined by how many staircases you had outside your house as there would a door for your staff to live.

In the evening, we took a walk after dinner and visited the Museum of Prostitution. We also stumbled across a metal bar in the Red Light District.

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