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Metal Bars in Amsterdam

Updated: May 17, 2020

We loved Amsterdam, but we felt there was something missing. As much as we loved Amsterdam during the day, we wanted to check out the nightlife.

We came across this bar in the Red Light District. I had found this place during one of my many Google searches. So when we explored the Red Light District during the day, it wasn't that hard to find. Metal was blasting from the street!

Excalibur has a very friendly and lively atmosphere. I loved the retro deco with vintage motorbikes and a suit of armour upstairs. The main bar is downstairs and upstairs, there is a pool room.

Suit of Armour

The music was awesome and it contributed to the vibe of the bar. In the short space of time, we heard many legendary bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden and KISS. Seeing the punters and staff respond to it was amazing.

Although not a Metal as such, Cafe The Minds is a punk bar. It is one of the first and last punk bars in Amsterdam and has been open since 1984.

Cafe The Minds is a dive, with punk and anarchist stickers on the walls to the old fashioned toilet with a chain. This place felt like a haven for punks, goths, emos and metallers alike. It felt like a safe space where anyone can be free to be themselves.

It is a small bar with a selection of tables and a pool table at the end of the bar.

We arrived at the bar just as they were opening at 9pm and it only took an hour for the place to liven up and become busy. The best part was that the drinks were cheap and we had great company.

I found Rock On Amsterdam by a pure stroke of luck.

I posted on Instagram when we had first arrived and Rock On Amsterdam commented on it. The power of social media! After checking out the profile, I realised that it was a bar.

Rock On Amsterdam has only been open since December 2018, a relatively new bar in a prime location. It is only a 20 minute walk from Anne Frank's House.

We have learnt that bars don't get lively until an hour or two after opening, so we arrived after 9pm. Although quiet in general, there was more of an atmosphere and a few more people than most of the bars we have been to so far.

There were board games in the corner with a u=huge gaming table. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the decor. A great way of recycling Jack Daniels bottles!

The jukebox was playing early Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and W.A.S.P songs and they were taking requests.

I liked this bar the most and it was the perfect way to spend our last full day in Amsterdam.

Even the beer mats were cool!

If I visited Amsterdam again I would visit all of these bars, as I feel it is important to support them. We will continue to seek them out on our travels.

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