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Nantes - The First Day.

Updated: May 17, 2020

Nantes was chosen as a destination as I had brought tickets for the Hellfest Open Air Festival in Clisson last year. We spent a few days in Nantes before heading to the Festival.

I arrived on a public holiday, so not a lot of attractions were open.

Nantes is located in the Loire Atlantique on the Loire Valley.

Chateau Des Duc De Bretagne

The Chateau is located in the medieval quarter and hosts the Nantes Museum of History and Exhibition. There were two exhibits on in the Museum. The first of which was the Amazon Exhibition.

Amazon Exhibition

This was a display of the lives of the people of the Amazon Forest. There were many stories of the lives of the men, women and children of the forests.

There were displays of hunting weapons, cooking utensils, different types and styles of clothing for each tribe.

I found it interesting as it gave a different perspective of other ways of living life.

The Rock Exhibition

This exhibition was a tribute to rock music in France and celebrated musicians from Nantes. The focus was on Indie and Punk music in general. There were many displays of records, guitars and displays of what a typical teenagers bedroom would look like.

It was interesting but as it was in French, (and my French is limited) we couldn't understand the displays or songs unless they were in English. It was a pleasure to see rock music celebrated in this way.

I was disappointed to see that Heavy Metal was not featured in this exhibition.

Nantes Cathedral

Nantes Cathedral or the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of Nantes is a Roman Catholic church. At 192 feet with its traditional Gothic architecture, it is stunning and offers a sense of peace in a busy city.

The Green Line

When you are in Nantes, you will find that there is a green line throughout the city. This green line will lead you to all of the main tourist attractions in Nantes.

It is over 13km long and you can join this route and leave it at any time. This was really helpful as if I got lost, all I needed to do is to find the green line and I wasn't lost. It was like an old-fashioned version of Google Maps!

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