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Three reasons why I have a Bucket List

I have had a Bucket List since I can remember.

This has not always been a physical or online copy, but I have always been aware of things I wanted to do with my life.


I have found that writing a Bucket List gives me hope for the future. I started writing a physical copy well over fifteen years ago, at a time when I was suffering from depression and was quite suicidal in my darkest moments.

By working towards an item or goal on my list, it made me feel so much more positive as it gave me a rush of excitement and anticipation. I got the feeling that life was worth living and there is so much I wanted to do and didn't want to miss out.


By setting goals and working towards them, I started to take control of my own life. I was moving forward on my own personal development. Once I had moved forward a little to achieve a goal, I felt that I was starting to live life again. It made me more motivated to continue working towards that goal.


By focussing on my Bucket List, I had diverted my thoughts from how bad I was feeling and this enabled me to replace those thoughts to positive ones. Once you change your thinking, then the positive feelings start to follow.

Writing a Bucket List helped me recover from depression without any professional help. This won't work for everyone. Recovery from mental health issues can take time and there isn't one "cure". Everyone has a different path to take,

Whilst we are in Lockdown, we will be thinking about life on the "outside". This is a great time to create a Bucket List and think of all of the things that you wish to still achieve in your life. This is one of my favourite quotes:

In my next blog post, I will be showing you how you can create your own Bucket List.

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